Today’s Menu 1/2/2017

Day two of the six week challenge completed!

20170102_064727.jpgBreakfast was a veggie stir fry (really a “water saute” since I used no oil) of onion, turnip, red and green bell peppers and mushrooms, topped with a green tomatillo salsa. Sauteing with water is something new for me — I am surprised at how well it works. I used no salt — except what was in the salsa. This is also a surprise because normally I would heavily salt food like this but it really didn’t need it.



Lunch was this enormous salad. I weighed it before adding the dressing and it came in at one pound and two ounces. I used one head of romaine plus some arugula, and chopped tomato, and some red cabbage and red onion. The grains you see is a tablespoon of flax meal that I sprinkled in. I also used a large quantity of fresh dill — one of my new favorite salad ingredients. And I made my own Lime Avocado Dressing dressing by blending up an avocado with lime juice, garlic, salt and pepper thinned out with some water.


Supper was a package of frozen broccoli topped with chili garlic paste, plus some more of the Red Lentil Chili that that I made for New Year’s Eve. Yum!







I saved my fruit servings for snacks — I’m trying to eat up an abundance of clementines so I had several, plus a pear and a banana and some walnut halves. I also experimented making some baked potato chips with a couple of small Yukon gold potatoes — but I forgot to take a picture. That was my potato/grain serving for the day.


All in all a good day!


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