Today’s Menu 1/6/2017

Today’s menu includes a Quick Curry Lentil Vegetable Soup that I made last night after ballet class. The “quick” part is that I used a bag of cole slaw mix as one of the ingredients. I love cabbage in soup and the mix means no chopping. Add some onion, carrot and celery, a cup of lentils, and a whole lot of curry powder and you are done.

Also the Morse Market comes through again — this time with blueberries for 99 cents.

It’s another day where I will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at my desk at work — which means I’m able to photograph the whole day’s food.

My menu today: banana, clementines, melon, and blueberries; a salad of spring mix topped with red onion, dill, grape tomatoes, jalapeno pepper slices, a tablespoon of flax meal and vinaigrette dressing; Quick Curry Lentil Vegetable Soup; raw almonds; carrots and celery sticks with roasted red pepper hummus. I meant to bring some popcorn as my “whole grain” serving but forgot.

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