Ronny’s Steak House

ronnyssteakhouseWhat is a nutritarian doing at Ronny’s Steak House? First of all — it’s not what you think. Ronny’s Steak House isn’t some fancy place — it is an old-school Chicago restaurant that serves big platters of made-from-scratch Chicago favorites in a semi-fast food environment.

Even before becoming a nutritarian I was not a big meat eater, but I would go there for their taco salad because it was close to my work and I liked the retro atmosphere, good food and good service. So I wanted to see if I could still eat there while following the guidelines of the six-week plan.

In theory I could still get the taco salad but once you got rid of the chicken, cheese, creamy dressing and the fried tortilla bowl there wouldn’t be much to it. But I knew the menu included a baked potato which I could get with salsa, and that they offered a side of broccoli in two sizes, small and large, so that is what I ordered.


I had to smile when I heard the Latino kitchen staff call out for an order of “broccoli grande”. Yes, that’s me, getting the broccoli grande! And it was a true nutritarian-sized portion of broccoli, steamed perfectly and NOT covered with oil or butter which was my fear.

The baked potato was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and the salsa was a fresh pico de gallo and it was delicious. Best of all each item was only $1.99 so my total bill was $4.44. You can’t beat that for lunch in downtown Chicago!

ronnyssteakhouse2All in all I was very pleased with my experience and will definitely go back again. There were not many other options on the menu but I was totally happy with what I had and would just get that exact same thing.

Ronny’s Steak House is in the James R. Thompson Center — don’t go to the main doors, the entrance is on Lake Street.



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