TGIF! (and some Friday inspiration)

I’m excited that tomorrow is Saturday because my refrigerator was looking pretty empty this morning and tomorrow I’ll be filling it back up again with fruits and veggies. No menu or food photo today, just a link to an inspirational article “‘People aren’t living longer, they’re dying longer‘”.

From the article:

When long-time Edmond resident Randy Titony was approaching 50 he started noticing an unpleasant trend. He was gaining weight, he was chronically tired, he was always irritable and either a knee, shoulder or his back was always hurting.

He went to his doctor in hopes of getting some relief. “My doctor said I was 30 pounds overweight, my cholesterol was over 300 and my C-RP, a blood test which measures inflammation in the body, was very high as well. My doctor told me to start eating oatmeal or turkey bacon for breakfast, Greek yogurt for a snack, and salmon or grilled chicken for lunch and dinner. I actually thought, ‘Isn’t that what everyone else is doing? And they all seem to be fat sick and suffering!’”


“Everything I thought I knew about nutrition was either a lie or was wrong. Milk does not do a body good and beef should not be what’s for dinner,” Titony said.


According to Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, MD some people think that eating a plant-based diet is extreme.

“I think that having your chest cracked open, your heart exposed, veins stripped from your leg and sewn onto your heart, should be viewed as extreme.”

Go read the whole thing. Then eat a piece of broccoli!



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