Completing the Six-Week Plan +Weigh In 2/12/2017

Yesterday was the last day of my six-week “Eat To Live” challenge.

It was quite an eye opening experience. I can guarantee I will never eat the same way again. And bonus — I lost 16 pounds. My final weigh-in was 157.2 pounds — 15.8 pounds total.

A year and a half ago when my sister Lyn read “Eat to Live” and changed the way she ate I knew I should read it, but I didn’t want it to tell me I shouldn’t be eating all the bad foods I liked eating. Then my sister Jane, who had eaten a muffin or pastry for breakfast every day of her adult life, read it and sent me a copy and said she wanted to do the six-week challenge. What can I say? She shamed me into it. And frankly if I hadn’t been so childish in the first place I could have avoided a year of calorie counting (with almost no results) and stress about my weight and been experiencing the proven health benefits of a fruit/vegetable based diet.

90% of cancer is preventable. Heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Carrie Fischer died of a heart attack at 60. Most women get no warning before their first heart attack.Yes, everyone can point to that relative who ate steak every day and lived into their 80s –but how many medications were they on?

The idea is simple: fruit for breakfast, a big salad for lunch, cooked vegetables for dinner, fruit for dessert, plus beans, nuts and whole grains. People ask me if  I miss the other stuff — but I don’t. You think you will but your tastes change.

If you are interested in this at all — all I can say is read the book, “Eat To Live”. It will be eye opening.


I have thought a lot about what to do “after” — and I don’t really want to change what I am doing. I do want to be less strict about the number of potato/grain servings. But I want to continue to avoid meat, cheese, sugar, and white flour, and keeping my meals centered on fruits and vegetables.

Onward to good health!

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