Today’s Menu 2/17/2017

It’s Friday, but I still had some good stuff in the fridge, including a mid-week strawberry purchase that is nicely rounding out my fruit component for today. This way of eating has become so normal to me that I forget that most Americans don’t eat even one piece of fruit per day!

I felt I needed an extra veggie side dish so after snapping the above picture the bag of frozen veggies turned into this:

I’m calling it “Emergency Veggie Salad”. I threw the frozen veggies in the microwave while I was putting on my make up, then dumped the cooked veggies into the container,  topped them with rice wine vinegar, onion powder, garlic powder and pepper. A quick stir and in my lunch bag they went. This will be perfect for that late afternoon “is it time to go home yet?” moment.

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