21 Day Challenge 

I’ve been drifting away from my good habits of the six week challenge, so I’m starting my own little personal 21 day challenge. Dr. Fuhrman markets a version of this called “Lose 10 In 20” and part of this is also a desire to loose some pounds before I perform in the Glenwood Dance Studio “Spring Dance Festival.”

So to kick things off here is a photo of my lunch and snacks for work today. What is not pictured is some low-cal blue cheese salad dressing that I plan to have on my salad. So already I’m straying! But even during the original challenge I had creamy dressings in moderation. My feeling is that if it is truly in moderation, and it helps you eat more salad, it’s okay.

Tucked into my salad is a tablespoon of flax meal, another good habit to get back to. Clementines are back in the rotation. The cut-up fruit is cantaloupe, mango and strawberries.

Also, in addition to this being a diet challenge it is also a blogging challenge — to write 21 blog posts in 21 days. This is day 1!

3 thoughts on “21 Day Challenge 

  1. The colors of your food are dazzling! Absolutely beautiful! I was thinking just today how I have also wandered away from the good habits of the first six weeks, although a few good things have really stuck, like eating fruit for breakfast. So here comes 21 healthy, happy days!


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