Traveling While Nutritarian — Ohare Airport, Chicago 

I’ve been traveling for work a lot lately, and one extremely wonderful surprise has been the fresh vegan salads and entrees at Ohare airport.

They sell them at multiple locations in the airport (though not in all terminals) and they are delicious! The entrees include either vegan “chicken” or “steak”, tofu or beans in a flavorful sauce, brown rice, and a little side salad usually of kale. It’s like I made it myself!

Check out this close-up of two of the entrees:

The Vegan Chana Masala (spicy chickpeas) is one of my favorites. They also have side-salad sized bean salads, kale salads, and tabouleh. Today I had a 6:20 a.m. flight and while everyone else was in line for McDonalds I was eating this tasty little salad:

I don’t know how or why or when they started carrying this line of food but it has really saved me.

My other “traveling while nutritarian” tip — bring snacks! Whole fruits and veggies go through security just fine, so when traveling for a work meeting I always bring several pieces of whole fruit, a one-ounce bag of nuts, and a bag of baby carrots or other hardy veggies. It is enough that I won’t starve if the lunch they provide is something I don’t eat, and so that when they come with the mid-afternoon cookies I can have my own snack. 

Today I have two apples, two clementines, walnuts, baby carrots and grape tomatoes. I’m ready for anything!

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