Melon Balls and Tulips

Since I decided not to have any Easter candy at Easter dinner, I wanted to try to offer my guests something that looked as candy-like as possible, and melon balls were it. I made little fruit kabobs out of them — but sadly forgot to take a picture of the final product. Below is a pic of some of the leftover balls which I’ve been snacking on all week:

Then today as I was walking to the train from work I saw these beautiful tulips and thought — those look just like my melon balls! So next year I am going to serve individual balls on green toothpicks, stuck into a base so they stand upright. My own little field of beautiful, edible tulips!

One cup of cantaloupe balls (yes there is data for the ball form!) has over 100% of your required Vitamins A and C, which you kind of expect with fruit, but it also has 14% of your daily potassium! Bananas only have 12%. So take that banana lobby!

Honeydews, surprisingly, have almost no Vitamin A, and only 53% of your required Vitamin C (only!) and 12% of your potassium. Watermelon is arguably the least nutritious, with 1 cup of balls providing 18% of Vitamin A, 21% of Vitamin C and 5% of potassium.

Melon seeds are edible, and add a lot of nutrition if you are willing to eat (and chew) them. They don’t have much in the way of vitamins, but check out the mineral content:


The nutrition facts above are from:

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