Breakfast Beans

I’m traveling for work again today and for these super early flights out of O’hare I prefer to eat breakfast after I get to the airport. Especially now that I know that O’hare has such good options.

Breakfast this morning was this delicious little bean salad:

Shockingly this is actually a different bean-salad maker than the one I discuss in my previous post “Traveling While Nutritarian – O’hare Airport “. Which means there are two companies competing with each other to provide vegan meals and salads at O’hare. Unbelievable!

Though it had way more oil that if I had made it at home, it was incredibly tasty:

For “dessert” (and so I wouldn’t kill my co-workers with onion breath) I had an apple I brought from home. Now I’m ready to start my day at work full of yummy bean nutrition!

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