Pizza Update: It’s A Hit!

Today was pizza day at work, and my pizza was a hit! I’m so happy about this!

“Pizza day” is when a few co-workers and I bring frozen pizzas that we cook in a “Pizza Pizzaz” machine for lunch. We started this last year before I became a nutritarian, and since then I have spent a fair bit of time thinking about how  to still participate in this event.

A few times I brought an Amy’s No Cheese Roasted Vegetable Pizza and it was very popular, but I got a bit bored bringing the same thing each week, plus it was kind of expensive for a very small pizza. One time I brought in a Daiya pizza, but it had a gluten free crust that I found unappealing. Plus vegan cheese, though better than dairy cheese, is still not really very nutritarian since it is a processed food.

Over the weekend I experimented with making my own vegan mozzarella out of cashews and tapioca starch, to somewhat mixed results. So when it came time for pizza day I decided I would just try to make the best possible no-cheese, all veggie pizza I could and see what happened. This is what I made:

I used a store-bought whole wheat crust (see below). I spread some jarred spaghetti sauce on it. Then I topped it with mushrooms, green peppers, artichoke hearts, olives and fresh basil leaves. I pre-cooked the mushrooms and green peppers, and browned the artichoke hearts just to try to remove the tinny taste (they were from a can). I sprinkled all of them with oregano when I was cooking them to add a little more Italian flavor. Since the crust is pre-baked it only takes a few minutes to cook, so you really do have to cook the toppings ahead of time.

Everyone loved it and said they did not even miss the cheese. I feel the olives were key – they added a bit of richness that seemed to be missing in a previous version with only veggies and sauce.

The crust I used was this:


This particular brand comes three to a package so it is a pretty good value. It is a very thin crust, but not so thin that it couldn’t stand up to my many toppings.

What I love about this is that I can vary the toppings from week to week — I’m not locked in to the limited selection of vegan pizzas carried by my local grocery store. I was thinking that in a future week I might try using pesto instead of tomato sauce, and then topping it with slices of fresh tomato along with other veggies. I was also thinking you could make a “white” pizza by using a bean puree. Or how about a taco pizza with re-fried beans and salsa as the sauce? Actually that would be a fun appetizer for a party ….. Lots of possibilities!

One thought on “Pizza Update: It’s A Hit!

  1. This sounds like so much fun–making your own pizza that is actually good for you! Your creativity and skill will make your pizzas the envy of everyone in the weeks to come. Excellent!


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