Today’s Menu 5/8/2017

There was a great story on NPR this morning about prescribing a “fresh foods pharmacy” to patients with diabetes and other health issues. I’m not going to recap it but it certainly brought a smile to my face as I was chopping veggies for today’s menu. I hope this idea catches on!

My salad today has a spring theme with radishes, pea pods, fresh dill, cucumber and red onion. Strawberries were on sale — a big container for 99 cents. And there were some luscious looking grapes so I got those too.

I’ll be going straight from work to the dance studio so I have left overs of my latest recipe, Mac and Peas with FOK No-Cheese Sauce, for supper. My afternoon snack is baby carrots and sliced up summer squash.

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Menu 5/8/2017

  1. I am so impressed how you keep having these wonderful, beautiful menus that never get boring, even after being on the nutritarian plan for five months. It motivates me to get back to the basics of the first six weeks. Thank you for your inspiration!


    1. Thanks, Jane! You motivate me as well! Also I updated my post to include a link to the NPR story in case you didn’t hear it.


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