Today’s Menu 6/7/2017

I’m going straight from work to the dance studio so in addition to my green salad for lunch I have a nutritarian-style three bean salad for supper. I’ll be posting the recipe for that later!

My salad is pretty basic. That little pile of dust is a tablespoon of flax meal. I’m planning to use a bottled, fat-free salad dressing that I have in the refrigerator at work so the flax seed will provide some fat to help with nutrient absorption of the greens. 

I weighed the greens portion of my salad just to see:

Only 8 ounces! With the tomatoes and beans it did get up to one pound, plus I have raw veggies for snacks later. But it just goes to show you a pound of salad a day is a lot of salad!

Little cups of pomegranate seeds were on sale at the store so I have some sprinkled into dime cut up fruit for a morning snack. My nut of choice today is pistachios which are super heart healthy. 

Not pictured: the banana I had for breakfast, and the Wheat Thins I will get out of the vending machine at work to have with my salad. 

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