Sweet Potato Toast

I’d seen this on the interwebs a while back but totally forgot about until my friend Barry sent me a link. Some of the toppings are non-nutritarian but it gives the idea:

I don’t own a toaster (don’t have toast enough to make it worthwhile) so I couldn’t do it exactly as they suggest. And since it is summer I didn’t want to turn on the oven. So I just sliced my sweet potato in half, cooked it in the microwave, then browned the cut side in a dry frying pan. Then I topped it with raw, unsalted cashew butter and some cinnamon. Boy was that tasty!

I’m labeling this as a recipe even though it is really just an idea, because I don’t want to forget about it again. This is definitely going in my regular breakfast rotation.

Another thought: you could roast a whole pan of these and have breakfast set for the week — just use different toppings each day to mix it up.

So that’s it! Sweet potato “toast”!

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