Today’s Lunch Bag 7/25/2017

I haven't done one of these in a while, and today's menu is pretty stellar: mango avocado salad with chickpeas for lunch, strawberries and walnuts for my mid morning snack, veggies with homemade hummus for the afternoon and an apple to fill in any corners.

My breakfast this morning was watermelon so that takes care of my four servings of fruit. I have leftover veggie stir fry with brown rice mixed in that I plan to have for supper so my big goal is to have no other grains during the day. I've been going a bit overboard on grains and potatoes lately so I'm going to try to cool it for a while and stick to just one serving per day — like you do on the six week plan. In spite of being plant-based for six months my weight is still teetering between overweight and normal weight, so I need to work on getting that down.

Here is the pic:

Happy Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch Bag 7/25/2017

  1. Looks delicious, well planned! I’m four weeks into the six week plan, so it’s nice to see how you keep it up afterward. I’m curious about your afternoon snack because the six week plan says three meals a day. I’m considering going to two even because I’m not hungry in the morning and like to eat a lot in the evening. Have you found the change in number of meals helpful?


    1. Thanks for your comment! I have been neglectful of this blog but am hoping to get back to more regular posting in 2018. But I am glad you found something of interest and congratulations on starting — and completing four weeks — of the six week plan!

      Regarding snacks, I know that Dr. Fuhrman says not to snack between meals but that is not something I really follow, especially when I am at work. My job is kind of stressful so I feel like I need snacks to get me through the day. It is something I should work on, but for now that’s how things are for me. And I feel like as long as the snacks fit into the overall guidelines of what you are supposed to be eating it is okay. For me right now at least!

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