Today’s Lunchbag

I’ve neglected this blog terribly — but I am actually in the middle of doing the six week plan again. My sister Jane and I decided last year that we would do it again in January, and maybe make it an annual tradition as a way of resetting our habits for the new year. I am half way through week two and it is going great!

I always think that the things I pack for lunch and snacks look so picturesque, so here is a shot of what is in my lunchbag today:

The salad is a mix of kale and romaine, with white beans, tomatoes, and other chopped veggies. The powder in the middle is flax meal of course. The popcorn I popped myself in the microwave — two tablespoons in a paper bag for 2.5 minutes works great for a single serving for me.

I’m ready to head off for my day!

One thought on “Today’s Lunchbag

  1. Not only is this meal beautiful, but is has everything a person needs for good nutrition, including fiber, all three macronutrients, and tons of micronutrients. Plus it will taste yummy!


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