Kale Orange and Almond Salad

This is another favorite salad of mine. It is pretty simple, but it is another great way to eat kale! I also love how summery the salad looks. And this is a good one for January because oranges are usually one of the best things in the produce aisle this time of year.


Kale Orange and Almond Salad


5 oz kale (1/3rd of a 1 pound bag)
2 tablespoons finely chopped red onion
1 large orange
2 tablespoons sliced almonds (raw is best if you can find them)
1 tablespoon flax meal (optional)
1/3 can of white beans or bean of choice (optional)
lime vinaigrette dressing


  1. Put the kale and onion in your salad bowl. Zest the orange onto your salad.
  2. Cut the peal off the orange, slice the orange into slices and with your fingers pull the orange segments apart and put them in the salad. Use your knife or a scraper to scrape up any juice that came out when you were cutting the orange and put it in the salad.
  3. Add the almonds, flax meal (if using) and beans (if using). Toss with the dressing.



One thought on “Kale Orange and Almond Salad

  1. I wrote down the list of things in your salad, and I am gong to make a salad like this at work today. They have all these things, except the lime dressing and flax. I have flax at home, and raspberry dressing. It is a good thing the beans are optional!


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